Lei Care and Handling

We carefully pack our orchid leis to ensure that there is no damage. In addition to pre-cooling before shipping, we also include gel ice packs on most shipments, especially during warm weather months.

As soon as you receive your shipment, OPEN THE OUTER BOX, and remove the lei(s) from the box. Take the lei out of the protective sleeve, let any moisture dry out while laying the orchid lei on a paper towel. Place the lei back in the sleeve, place in sealed/plastic bag, and put in refrigerator (the warmest spot of the fridge, not the produce/lower chiller tray). Keep the gel ice and outer box if you are going to travel with the lei – it will keep it fresh during transit/travel. 

The orchid leis can be misted about an hour before you plan to wear/present them, it helps revive and freshen the flowers, especially during warm weather.

If properly cared for, your leis will last for up to a week, perhaps even longer.

We guarantee our leis to arrive fresh to you. If you are not fully satisfied, please let us know within 24 hours of receipt of your shipment.